Covid-19 Policies

  1. Office open by appointment only.  During open hours, the front door will be left unlocked, but the inner doors will be locked.  A drop box is available to leave documents.
  2. Our staff may not all be working from the office on any given day for various reasons (other than health related discussed below).  They may also be working irregular hours.  Please be patient with us as we work around the various needs and requirements to help ensure our staff and our clients are kept as safe as possible.
  3. Our staff have been directed to not report to work at the office if they are not feeling well or are coughing or sneezing (other than from allergies).  If they feel well enough and are able to work from home, they can.  They will be verifying each day they are healthy enough to work based on their knowledge and understanding when they arrive to work and their current knowledge of standards NYS holds on that day.  Given all this, please bear with us if your end product takes longer than normal to receive or we are delayed getting back to you for a few days as someone essential to your needs may have been unavailable for a bit.
  4. To the extent practical, we will schedule meetings via phone or Zoom and encourage you to email, fax or mail documents.  If dropping off, we appreciate you leaving your documents in hallway drop box.
  5. All in-person client meetings will be held in a Conference room across from the main office.  In order to provide time between appointments for sanitizing and with only one conference room used for our entire office, there will be far fewer available appointment times.
  6. We will call you to confirm your appointment.  If you have a fever, are coughing or sneezing, or otherwise don’t feel well, for your safety and ours, we request that you reschedule your appointment.  We will do the same.
  7. Front office staff have the discretion to ask people who appear sick (red, puffy eyes or visibly coughing or sneezing) to wait outside or reschedule.  We realize these could be from allergies or other non-risky ailment so please inform us if that is the case and please forgive us if we incorrectly assess something such as an asthma cough as an illness.
  8. When you check in, you will be asked to self-certify you are not sick/took temperature at home before coming in and asked to provide your current best contact information in case we need to reach you to assist in contact tracing. We will contact you if there was a positive result from our office within one month of your visit. Similarly, please let us know if you test positive for or exhibit COVID-19 symptoms after visiting our office.
  9. Our temporary foyer waiting area chairs will be kept an appropriate social distancing distance apart.  Please feel free to move the chair farther apart if you are concerned or ask us to do so for you.
  10. Visitors must wear masks when at our office – for your safety and that of our staff.  We will wear one as well whenever we are meeting with clients.  If you do not have a mask when you arrive, we will have masks available for staff and clients so long as they are obtainable.  If you need one for your appointment and we haven’t yet offered, please ask.  Visitors not wearing masks will not be able to meet with us.  If you wish not to keep a mask we provide after leaving your appointment, please toss it in the garbage can in the foyer.
  11. For your safety and ours, staff will be assigned to nightly wipe down commonly touched surfaces (i.e. door knobs.)  They will also do so as needed throughout the day.  We will maintain a log of these cleanings as needed.
  12. We still have coffee and water available for your appointments although we have moved some supplies to minimize possible exposure.  Please do not hesitate to ask if you would like something you don’t see.