Tips for changing state residency from NYS

Are you considering moving from New York State to Florida to eliminate your state income taxes?  Below are some tips to consider to help minimize the likelihood that New York State will continue to consider you a NYS resident after you moved.

How to change your State Residency from NYS

  • Establish residency in another state by buying or renting a home there.
  • If you purchase home in FL, apply for homestead exemption.
  • If you owned home in NYS and don’t plan on selling, cancel STAR exemption. (Note that if you own rental property in NYS you will still need to file a non-resident return but will only need to include your NYS source income.)
  • Move your possessions (or at least your most important possessions) to the new home. Document this with a receipt from the movers (or equivalent).  Note that typically the government considers the date your possessions move to be the date you moved.
  • Once you have moved, spend majority of year (>183 days) in new home state or at a minimum, spend more time in new home state than in former home state.
  • Convert your driver’s license to new home state license within 30 days of becoming a resident. Need to register out of state car within 10 days.  (Note days are for FL, other states may vary.)
  • Update your address with NYS DMV within 10 days of change in permanent address. (File Form MV232 or go online at
  • Register to vote at new address. (Can be done when convert driver’s license.)
  • In Florida, consider filing a Declaration of Domicile with the clerk of the circuit court of the County in which you are establishing residence.  (See for MIami-Dada County.)
  • Other misc. steps that aren’t necessary but help support residency
    1. Have mail forwarded to new home address.
    2. Change address to new home for all bills.
    3. File Form 8822 Change of Address with IRS and update your address online with NYS. Alternatively wait until you file your next tax return and use new address.
    4. Open bank account in new state
    5. Join local professional group, gym, house of worship

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